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About the Podcast

Every week, Pastors John Frawley and Caleb Rolan lead a discussion on integrating our theology with practical application. The purpose of the podcast is to both know the truth of God as well as know God more intimately.

John and Caleb are busy recording content that takes our weekly hour-long discussions to something more akin to a conversation at a coffee shop. Our hope is that this podcast will be encouraging and enlightening as we cover subjects like (currently) the doctrine of the church. 

Episodes are released weekly and are easily sharable. Subscribe to the audio podcast through where you normally get your podcasts or subscribe to the video podcast on YouTube.

Meet the Hosts


Pastor John Frawley

John is the senior pastor at Metropolitan Bible Church, and he leads a Bible Study on Wednesdays called Knowing God. Each week he leads a round-table discourse over popular theological questions and topics.

His passion for the gospel is only rivaled by his passion for smoked meat! Get to know John more by listening to the Knowing God Podcast!





Caleb Rolan

Caleb and his wife are in the process of planting a church in Oklahoma City, but in the meantime he and John are working as a team to share the gospel at Metropolitan.

Caleb is an outdoorsy hunter– sorry vegans… this might not be the duo for you– and he’s on the hunt for more knowledge! Listen to Knowing God to hear more about Caleb’s ministry.


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