If you are a believer in Christ, you are then a member of the universal church. So why would you seek to become a member of a local church? Is local church membership even biblical? In this episode, John and Caleb discuss the merits of joining a local church and why it is a spiritual benefit to believers. 


Outline (From Mark Dever’s Book Why Should I Join a Church?)

Church membership: 

  1. Displays the gospel 
  2. Is required by the Bible
  3. Provides a way to love one another
  4. Empowers evangelism 
  5. Brings assurance of salvation to yourself and to others
  6. Exposes false gospels 
  7. Glorifies God
Knowing God Podcast
Knowing God Podcast
John Frawley & Caleb Rolan

You might not be able to know God fully but you can know God truly. Join us as we discuss what it means to know God.