Last week, John and Caleb introduced the topic of church revitalization in the Knowing God Podcast. In this second part, John and Caleb talk about how churches return to health, gain a healthier place in their communities, and shepherd their members to greater purpose and ministry.


  1. Pastors must pray, preach, and stay.
  2. Establish a sense of urgency.
  3. Define the present reality but be a voice of hope.
  4. Cast vision that defines a better future.
  5. Lead through change.
  6. Be intentional with relationships.
  7. Have “tactical patience” (Mark Clifton)
Knowing God Podcast
Knowing God Podcast
John Frawley & Caleb Rolan

You might not be able to know God fully but you can know God truly. Join us as we discuss what it means to know God.