Digital engagement strategies for churches are here to stay. While it is safe to say that Covid-19 altered the way we experience church, the internet was already shaping the way we experience life and worship long before March of 2020. In this episode, John and Caleb conclude their discussion of digitizing church by offering some “yellow lights,” or appropriate ways to extend the church’s mission digitally with wisdom. 

Yellow lights: Wisdom is needed with digital engagement.

  • We must acknowledge that we are living in a time of experimentation.
  • Understand that “the medium is the message.”
  • Tech will extend, eliminate, retrieve from the past, and can turn in on itself.
  • Digital environments can fill in the other 6 days a week with helpful content and a means of community and discipleship.
  • We need to understand that just because we have not done church “this way” before does not mean that it is automatically wrong.
  • In-person gatherings will not go away.
  • Reaching Gen Z with the gospel will demand adaptation and evaluation of digital tools.
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Knowing God Podcast
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