Last week, John and Caleb introduced the all-important discussion of digitizing church. In this episode of Knowing God Podcast, we look at how innovators are using the internet with little restraint. Is this the correct approach? And should we readily adopt any new digital method to help fulfill the Great Commission? These “green lights” will be assessed in our conversation.

Green lights: The church can use any digital tool possible.

  • VR church is in its infancy, and this is a new mission field.
  • The Church has always used technology.
  • The Bible has no framework for digital gathering.
  • Most aspects of membership can be achieved digitally.
  • During COVID-19, we and thousands of other churches partook of the Lord’s Supper digitally. Was that invalid?
  • The Internet is the biggest “third space” in history.
  • Does in-person attendance always equate to higher engagement than digital?
Knowing God Podcast
Knowing God Podcast
John Frawley & Caleb Rolan

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