Beginning in March of 2020, churches were forced to pivot their strategies and port most or all of their ministries to an online environment. COVID-19 certainly changed the way we experienced church. However, churches were experimenting with digital ministries long before the pandemic. In this episode of Knowing God, Caleb and John discuss what some “red lights” might be to digitizing church. Follow-up episodes in the next two weeks will look at applying wisdom of utilizing the internet to extend the church’s reach.

Red lights — The church should only extend its reach digitally with extreme caution.

  • Digital church prevents gathering together (Heb 10:25).
  • Pastoral oversight is impractical.
  • Church discipline becomes impossible in digital environments.
  • Sacraments are impractical to be observed in a digital environment.
  • Church consumerism is accentuated.
  • Digital reach of the church should be limited to less normative church membership like shut-ins and medical issues.
Knowing God Podcast
Knowing God Podcast
John Frawley & Caleb Rolan

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